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Here at TGC.Athletics, we believe it is essential to invest in your health in order to enjoy a life full of joy, intention, and purpose. It’s this belief that guides our approach with Wellness Warriors.

Wellness Warriors was created to focus on improving your overall health and wellness and provide you with tools to ensure you can maintain it too. We do so by offering a monthly program developed with intention to help you achieve a healthier mind and body. 

Those who participate in Wellness Warriors will receive a specially selected product or service each Wednesday of the month, also known as Wellness Wednesday.


The first Wednesday of each month is Self-Care Wednesday. On this Wednesday, we provide a customized fresh plant or floral arrangement designed to bring peace and intention to our environment. What you surround yourself with matters! The beauty that exists in nature is a great thing to pull into your spaces and enjoy during the week, additionally live plants naturally clean our air and provide proven health and wellness benefits.


The second Wednesday of each month is Resource Wednesday. We provide resources and tools to help you flex your wellness muscles. Wellness Warriors gives you tools to help you be accountable on your journey toward your best self! Our Estacar Executive team has more than 15 years experience in coaching and supporting growth and we are bringing all that knowledge and resource to you-so that you may design your best life.


The third Wednesday of each month is Wellness Product Wednesday. We provide a product selected by our team to enhance your wellness journey. There are products that can help set us up to be more intentional, be ahead of the game and prioritize what's most important! Wellness Warriors is here to source the best things for YOUR wellness journey!


The fourth Wednesday of each month is Wellness Around the Table Wednesday. Our Wellness Warriors will receive a wellness night box packed with all you need to create a delicious meal for you and your family, plus great conversation cards for an interactive dinner around the table. 

Pink and Brown Modern Beauty Skincare In
Pink and Brown Modern Beauty Skincare In
Pink and Brown Modern Beauty Skincare In
Pink and Brown Modern Beauty Skincare In
All for one great price!


On those extra special months with five Wednesdays, our fifth Wednesday will be a surprise as a treat to those who participate in our monthly program!

Not ready to commit to an entire month of Wellness Warriors? Our Self-Care Wednesday, Resource Wednesday, and Wellness Product Wednesday are available ala carte in our TGC Athletics Store! 

The focus for the month of October is Rhythm with Purpose. Our Wellness Warriors will be equipped with tools to approach daily tasks with intention and purpose, focusing in on those important details that make your daily life flow. 

Ready to be a Wellness Warrior? Click here to sign up!


What is Wellness Warriors?

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