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TGC Athlete offers exceptional training by fitness professionals for all ages, ability levels, and sports.

TGC Athlete offers Adult Fitness Training Camp, and Adult Fit Athlete, and Training Camp classes several different days and times each week to fit your schedule best! These classes are guaranteed to get your heart pumping as you work through cardio and strength challenges

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TGC Athlete’s Youth Sport Athlete classes are age-appropriate sessions designed to enhance all aspects of athleticism, including speed, agility, power, strength, and conditions. Sessions include a dynamic warm-up, speed mechanics, agility, footwork, power and plyometric training, Olympic lifting, strength, conditioning, and fun. Designed for all athletes in all sports that want to improve their performance.  


·        Youth Sports Athlete:  Our comprehensive Sports Athlete program covers dynamic warmup, linear and lateral speed development, reaction, and quickness-plyometrics (jumping), speed and agility, power development (Olympic lifts, Medicine ball throws), increasing total body strength, improving conditioning, and gameplay. Our YOUTH SPORT ATHLETE program is designed to make all athletes regardless of their sport, faster, stronger, more explosive, and resilient! 


·        High school speed & agility 10 years & older: This is designed to go along with SPORT ATHLETE or for those who have to train in their school's weightlifting program. This class focuses on acceleration, linear speed, change of direction (agility), multidirectional movement, footwork and reactivity, and plyometrics.  

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Marc Cornell: Co-Owner, Performance Coach, and Personal Trainer established Amarillo Athlete Inc. in 2010.  He graduated from West Texas A&M with an M.S. in Sports and Exercise Science and was a member of the WT Football team from 1993-to 1996.  Marc is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Personal Trainer from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. (NSCA).  He is a certified Club Coach from USAW and has trained and certified at IMG Academy under their Combine360 platform. Marc is also a certified Tennis Speed Specialist. Email Marc at  

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Blue Baggett: Co-owner, Performance Coach, and Personal Trainer established Amarillo Athlete Inc. in 2010.  Blue graduated from Texas Tech University and is a Certified Personal Trainer from the Cooper Institute and a Sports Performance Coach from USAW. Get in touch with Blue at 806-654-1057 or        

Personal Training 1 on 1: $50/hr

Buddy Training (private class 2): $35/hr

Small Private Group Package (private class up to 5 people): $30 pp or $120/4 hours per person

Classes Drop In: Adult/Youth Members- $15 Non-Members- $35

TGC ATHLETE Training is based on a reoccurring class offering found under EVENTS on Court Reserve. Please come by our ProShop or call, and they can set you up on your preferred billing TGC ATHLETE Membership plan, and then you can register for the classes you would like based on that plan. For questions, call 806-342-3051 ext. 8. All private training is scheduled directly with Professional Trainers. TGC Members receive 20% off published rates, and 2+ memberships per family receive an additional 10% discount. 

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