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137 Pounds Lost!

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Congrats to the all of the participants of the Quarantine to Lean Machine weight loss competition! After making appropriate changes to their nutrition and training with TGC Athlete, they lost a combined 137.5lbs! The winner of the men's division is Ethan Johnson, winning $500 after losing 31lbs. The winner of the women's division, is Layne Cameron, losing 14lbs and earning herself $400. Congrats Ethan and Layne!

Want Results?

Ready to take back your strength and live a healthier life? It's time for a ROUND TWO of our 2021 weight loss challenge, Spring to Bling! This 8-week challenge includes 2 private training sessions ($100 value), 2 months of customized online programming ($200 value), and a GRAND PRIZE Cash Award to top male and female finishers who lose the highest % body fat!

The total investment to participate in Spring to Bling is $299, with $100 going towards the GRAND PRIZE pot! Sign up at the Tascosa Athletic Center, by calling 806-342-3051 ext. 8, or online here (scroll to the bottom of the page)!

Weigh-ins are happening now through April 1st! The contest will take place from April 1st through May 28th. Let's get moving!

TGC Athlete offers several weekly classes for adults AND youth! Visit the TGC website to view the full training schedule. Plus, if you sign up for any TGC Athlete unlimited package, receive exclusive access to our virtual coaching platform!

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